Who We Are
L’Aromatica is a purveyor of handcrafted fragrances based in San Francisco, California. We offer fragrances for men and women, made in small batches, using exquisite botanical ingredients. Most of our line is all-natural. We do carry a few perfumes that contain a minute amount of synthetic musk or an aroma-compound when natural materials are unobtainable. (We are against the use of real musk since animals are harmed in the extraction process.) Our all-natural perfumes are designated as such, right on the label. Nothing we make is purely synthetic, everything is botanically-based.

Our perfumes are created using a lush palette of botanical essential oils, absolutes, handmade tinctures, resins, CO2s, and concretes. Each formula is complex and contains an extensive assortment of rare and precious ingredients. We are not minimalists in our approach, we love to create elaborate formulas that weave intricate top, heart and base chords with various accessory notes. Our perfumes all have a story whether they were inspired by flowers, food and drink, places, or people.

L’Aromatica is committed to using the safest, most environmentally-friendly ingredients. We do not use fragrance oils, fillers, preservatives or phthalates. Our Eau de Toilettes are made using organic grape or grain alcohol and handmade tinctures derived from plants grown in our garden or found in the wild.

About the Perfumer
L’Aromatica is a conjugation of "Loreto Aromatica". Loreto is the perfumer’s name and Aromatica means ‘aromatic’ in Spanish. Loreto is a Chilean-born perfumer who was raised on the northern California coast. Loreto arrived in San Francisco the summer of 1995 to study graphic design. A year later, while visiting Santa Cruz, Loreto discovered aromatherapy and began collecting essential oils and absolutes. At first, Loreto was drawn to the therapeutic qualities of essential oils but soon began creating natural perfumes due to a lifelong obsession with fragrance.